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"One Heart, One Soul"
Composed and Arranged By: Dave Eshelman
Instrumentation: Big Band
Publisher: KJOS Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Grade 5 Ballad Tempo = 60 $45.00

This excellent ballad has many different textures to it. The introduction of “One Heart, One Soul” is somewhat orchestral in nature. The accelerandos and ritardandos should be immediate and significant whenever scene in this piece. The two trumpet quarter-note pickups prior to tempo starting at measure thirteen can be similar to fermatas. Once the tempo begins, the piece takes on the stability of a jazz ballad and should be performed with even eights. As the piece builds, the drummer can go to sticks from brushes and play a snare drum cadence-like riff which adds drama and some urgency to the mood of the piece. It’s important for the director to know that the second tenor and fourth trumpet are both optional. The pianist is expected to comp appropriate rhythms utilizing chord changes provided with suggested voicing.

“One Heart, One Soul” reflects the musical life of Miles Davis from 1960 to the end of his career. The mood and feel of the piece are similar to two of the pieces on the famous Columbia album “Sketches of Spain”: “Will O’ The Wisp” by Manuel de Falla and “Solea” by Gil Evans. The trumpet/tenor duet is reminiscent of Miles’ later groups with Robin Ford and Bob Berg. “One Heart, One Soul” combines the style of the earlier music with the currency of the later pop-influenced groups. Both periods have very intense emotional qualities to them and “One Heart, One Soul” reflects this in every way.

Top note for trumpet B above the staff

Bart Marantz