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Bart Marantz Plays Bach Selmer Trumpets and Flugelhorns exclusively.

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Bart Marantz NPR/KERA Jazz Education Interview

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"Jazz Combo Sextet set #1"
By: Don Sickler
Instrumentation: Big Band
Publisher: Second Floor Music / Hal Leonard Corporation
Grade 2 1/2 Swing Medium - Up/Shuffle Tempo Varied $120.00

The Hal Leonard Corporation, along with arranger/writer, Don Sickler, have released the second in a series of packets featuring music of six post-bop classics. In this packet the arrangements are completely done by Don. Each packet is at a different level of difficulty and this one being the first in the series is the easiest.

The charts included in this collection are, “Sonny’s Mood”, by Sonny Clark (medium swing), “Grant’s Tune” (medium swing), by Grant Green, “Nice and Easy” (medium swing), by Johnny Griffin, “In Walked Horace” (medium swing), by J.J. Johnson, “Al’s Mist” (ballad), by Al Grey and “The Clan” (up-swing), by Curtis Fuller. Not only is this great music, but it introduces students to some of the great names in jazz music as well.

Although the packet is listed as easy, the director should be advised that this is very rooted “jazz music” and must be listened to before any attempt is made at playing it authentically. If approached in this manner, the students will grow at a fast pace and will play these pieces with great depth and conviction.

The “Jazz Combo Sextet Set #1” is truly a needed and most wanted packet for jazz educators around the country who aspire to start a jazz combo with the right rooted materials. Instrumentation consists of trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, trombone, piano, guitar, bass and drums. This combination or mixing up this list will work very well with these excellent charts. Hal Leonard and Second Floor Music have committed themselves to excellence in small group music. If you are even thinking about putting a small combo together at your school this series is for you. These packets, including this new set #1 are easily purchased through dealers nationwide.

Top note for trumpet varies in each chart. A above the staff only in one chart.

Bart Marantz