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Bart Marantz Plays Bach Selmer Trumpets and Flugelhorns exclusively.

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Bart Marantz NPR/KERA Jazz Education Interview

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"The Jazz Combo Pack - #26"
Tunes: Tangerine Music - Victor Schertzinger Words - Johnny Mercer
Stella By starlight Music - Victor Young Words - Ned Washington
The nearness of you Music - Hogy Carmichael Words - Ned Washington
Here, There and Everywhere Music - Hogy Carmichael Words- Ned Washington
* Cassette Tape Included* Gives complete arrangement and suggested solos.
Arranged By: Frank Mantooth
Instrumentation: Combo Bb, Eb, C instruments, Piano, Guitar, Bass Drums & Conductor.
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corp.
Grade: 3 Styles: Swing, Ballad, Somba Bossa Nova
Varied Tempos

What a great way to present standard and classic jazz materials to educational institutions of all levels. The "Combo Paks" by Hal Lenard are groups of tunes, usually four, arranged for small jazz ensembles (combos) and sold as a unit.

This collection of standards is from the arranging pen of the very gifted Frank Mantooth and is another "must" assortment for your small group. These standard tunes are arranged for any combination consisting of Bb, Eb and C instruments. The "Pak' includes full rhythm section parts written for piano, guitar, bass, drums and come with a complete conductors score making instrumental corrections and suggestions easy to see and delegate. By writing to keys of instruments the director has the ability to use any and all available players for the ensemble, as well as take any instrument and put him/her on the lead part.

Each tune has plenty of space for soloing with the changes written above the staff and a accompanying scale written below the appropriate chord symbol. The soloist is left to the director's choice and with such challenging changes from challenging standards that will be used in the future as a musician in the "music business".

The "Combo Pak" is a great training tool for the small jazz group and gives the director complete freedom. A tape cassette of all arrangements is included with each set to help the student hear the charts performed by the pros for a solid base before they attempt to perform these charts.

Top trumpet note for all arrangements in combo pak # 26 is written A above the staff.