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"Brazil Nuts"
By: Les Sabina
Instrumentation: Big Band
Publisher: Kendor Music, Inc.
Grade 5 Fast Samba Tempo = 98 $40.00

Although “Brazil Nuts” has a fast Latin tempo, a relaxed feeling should prevail throughout. Try to get your drummer and bass player to lock in together to produce a light samba groove. This will help to settle the waters and give the ensemble solid ground to base the arrangement on. Using the hi-hat will help your drummer provide an intense, yet subtle pulse. A simple “two” feel from the bassist will help achieve the same effect bringing these two essential elements together for the entire chart.

The ensemble has to be tight whenever the signature vamp occurs (m: 1-8, 53-60 and 97-104). All “punch” quarter notes in these passages are short and accented. The melody at the bridge of the tune (m. 27-44) has to be played lightly and all eight brass players must play the staccato quarter notes as indicated!

Improvisers should review ii7 V7 theory in preparation for soloing in this chart. Although one main ii7 V7 progression is used during most of the solo section, a few sequential ii7 V7s do occur. For example four different scales have to be employed in sequence at measures 75 – 78.

Lastly, the dynamic indications should be followed strictly. A loud presentation will surely negate the light effect that “Brazil Nuts” must have to be successful. Following the above mentioned suggestions will make “Brazil Nuts” a great closer at your next jazz concert and will please the band just as much as the audience.
Top note for trumpet F in the staff

Bart Marantz