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Bart Marantz Plays Bach Selmer Trumpets and Flugelhorns exclusively.

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"Blue Trane"
Written By: John Coltrane
Arranged By: Peter Blair
Instrumentation: Small Group/Combo
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
Grade: 3 Swing Tempo 152 $25.00

" Blue Trane" is perhaps one of the most recognizable standard minor blues tunes to be penned in the past thirty years. There have been many excellent arrangements of this jazz standard and this one, By Peter Blair, is on exception. However, the arrangement has been written with a “young band” I mind. The chart can be played by a number of configurations as the parts are written for different combinations of trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, and trombone with full rhythm section. This allows the director to use those musicians available at the time he/she wants to play this arrangement of “Blue Trane.”

The rhythm section has parts that will allow them to grow as budding jazz musicians supplying both changes as well as written lines for bass. Piano has the changes as well as the written chords voiced along with a suggested comping rhythm. The rhythm section has a very good road map provided to drive the ensemble to a high level performance of this chart.

There is space for a solo starting at measure 53, but this can easily be opened up for as many instruments as the director wants. With a written background for soloists and a tutti/soli section for the horns this chart has all the ingredients for the young band to be successful on a fine jazz standard.

Top note for trumpet is written Ab above the staff.

Bart Marantz